Dania Bdeir (Director) of Producer/Director

"Joseph was a life savor. I spent so much time trying to get rights to a song myself, and jump through all the hoops and got entangled in the hellish web that is music licensing. The more they'd tell me it was going to cost, the more I was taking a chunk out of my budget. When Joseph was recommended to me, that's when my film could finally be finished. He was extremely helpful in navigating the licensing world but even more importantly showed me that I didn't even need to go  through all of this. He found me a great track that gave the same emotion I was looking for (when I thought it was impossible) at less than a tenth of the price. I can't wait to work with him again" 


Jack Ballou (Director) of Destiny's Bridge

"When production was over I realized that I needed to get 11 songs by top recording artists cleared for my new feature documentary.  We didn't have the budget to hire a music supervisor, so I decided to do it myself...the only problem was that I didn't know anything about getting music licensed.  I hired Joseph Miller as a Music Licensing Consultant and he walked me through the process and stayed in touch with me to the end.  Joseph viewed the film, researched each song, answered questions, created a music chart and also used his legal contacts to assist me in every aspect of licensing music. Thanks Joseph for your hard work and commitment to my project."  


Sonja O’Hara (Writer/Producer) of the feature film Ovum

"As an independent filmmaker, Joseph’s honest and professional advice and in depth knowledge of music licensing has been a life support while navigating the complex world of securing soundtrack rights for my first feature film! If you are looking for someone attentive, who has a deep passion for music, an ear for imaginative and quality musical selections, and the technical skills required to help bring your artistic vision for your project to life, I believe Joseph Miller is the right person to work with!" www.OvumFIlm.com


Dominique Deleon (Director / Writer) of Rez

"We brought aboard the big guns. Music supervisor Joseph Miller helped us secure the music for the film, helping us weed through thousands of possibilities and negotiating with composers and labels to get us the right music for the job. Thank you Joseph."


The Snobby Robot (Critic) on Mythos

"It’s clear that the series was written with music in mind. There are so many sequences that are simply images and music, and it can be quite moving. I particularly enjoyed the dream sequence at the end of an early episode - just images and a song, movie making in its purest form.  Most web series creators are not musicians and I get the feeling many think of music secondary to all other things. Many would debate me on this but there are times when I feel like music is the most important thing. Sometimes it takes a music cue to really drive home an emotion - and music can achieve that far better than any other medium."


Nick Boorbaks (Director / Writer / Producer) of Parallel Lives

"As the music supervisor for my first feature-length film that was recently completed, Joseph was immensely helpful in finding me the appropriate theme and background music pieces. He was always available to meet and go over the footage to get a better understanding of my musical vision. He also helped me with clearing the rights and negotiating the deals with composers. His service was exceptional; I look forward to working with him again on future projects."


Miriam Pultro (Director / Writer / Producer / Star) of Mythos

"Joseph is, above all, passionate about music. He is well-educated on the business of the music industry, but his passion for the art is what makes him an ideal music supervisor. I am regularly impressed with his comprehensive approach to music placement; he read scripts, watched rough cuts, interacted with the cast and crew whenever possible, and conferenced with the score composer on a regular basis. He has excellent taste in music and a vested interest in the indie music community. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better person to fill out the sound of Mythos!"